3 Common Pediatric Dental Concerns You Should Know About by Metro Dentalcare


When it comes to oral health, you can never start too early. For this reason, make sure your child is free from dental issues that can impact total wellness. You can do this by turning to Metro Dentalcare, a top name in pediatric dentistry in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas. With our preventive oral services, we will help your child avoid some of the most common dental concerns, which in include:

Pediatric Dental

  1. Thumbsucking—While this can make your child feel relaxed and safe, it can cause problems with their permanent teeth in the future. Children usually get rid of the habit by age four. If your child continues to do it well into their childhood, however, it can misalign their teeth and create bite problems. It can also lead to changes in the roof of the mouth. As a solution, your dentist might recommend using a mouth appliance.
  2. Tooth Decay—You might want your child to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, as excessive intake can produce acids that weaken the teeth’s enamel. With time and continuous acid in the mouth, the enamel will wear down and cavities can develop. You can prevent this by reducing the amount of sugary food your child eats. You can also schedule regular dental appointments for your child. Metro Dentalcare, an expert in pediatric dentistry in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding area, can help you with this. We may conduct a comprehensive exam of your child’s teeth and suggest preventive measures. In the event that cavities form and do permanent damage, Dr. Michelle Bottin and her associates at our Downtown Minneapolis office recommend fillings for your child. We have white and composite fillings that match the teeth’s color, offering a more natural look.
  3. Gum Disease—While this is more common in adults, gum disease can also occur in children. Some of the warning signs include: plaque buildup; swelling or bleeding gums; receding gum line, and mouth sores. If your child is experiencing these symptoms, turn to Metro Dentalcare.

We will determine how far along the condition is. Depending on the results, we may perform an in-depth cleaning procedure. We will also see if there is a need to repair fillings. Through our professionals in dental care in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding area, we can help you maintain your child’s oral health.

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