Invisalign as an Excellent Orthodontic Treatment Option by Metro Dentalcare


Misaligned teeth can affect your child’s speech and eating habits. This problem also hinders him or her from smiling confidently and achieving overall health. To achieve straight teeth, Metro Dentalcare offers Invisalign. It involves plastic aligners instead of the usual metallic brackets and wires.

Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Thomas Everett, our specialist in orthodontics in Maple Grove, MN, shares some features of Invisalign that make it an excellent alternative to your traditional braces.

Invisible Appearance

The objective of Invisalign is to achieve a straighter smile while keeping your child looking great. This is especially important if you have a school-aged child or one who is entering puberty. The plastic aligners are almost undetectable, as if your child is not wearing any appliances at all.

Convenience and Comfort

The trays we use for Invisalign in Maple Grove, MN, and all of our locations, are made of smooth plastic, making it more comfortable than metal wires and brackets. While traditional braces make eating or brushing cumbersome, this is not the case with Invisalign. Your child may remove the aligners while doing these activities. It also does not require any dietary modifications. Your child may remove the aligners when eating. This means he or she can enjoy his or her favorite food whenever they want.

We advise your child to brush his or her teeth after each meal, prior to re-inserting the aligners. We recommend cleaning your child’s aligners with a clean toothbrush and toothpaste. This is also an appealing choice if your child has an active lifestyle and enjoys contact sports.

Effective Treatment

It is a great option for all alignment issues, regardless of the person’s age. Its plastic material works as well as the metallic braces and wires. We also perform comprehensive dental assessments to determine if your child is a good candidate for it.

The length of treatment still depends upon the complexity of the alignment correction. Its success rate primarily depends on the doctor’s level of skill and training. Our orthodontists are experienced in various modes of dental care, from correcting of misaligned teeth to dental implants in Maple Grove, MN, and any of our locations.

Regular dental visits are advisable, as any other dental care. This is to monitor the progress of the teeth correction. We may recommend changing aligners every couple of weeks, but this only takes a couple of minutes.

For the same cost and duration of treatment, your child can experience these benefits of Invisalign and more. If you have any further questions about Invisalign or other dental concerns, call us at (612) 638-1234. You may also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.