Our Restorative and Orthodontic Services by Metro Dentalcare


A beautiful set of teeth does not only have a positive impact on your appearance, but also your overall health and speech. With this in mind, it is important to address any teeth or jaw structure misalignment. The same goes for missing teeth.

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Orthodontic Services

Metro Dentalcare recommends orthodontic evaluation for your children as soon as they turn seven years old. At this age, their adult teeth start to erupt and may eventually affect their bite. To maintain their quality of life, we offer orthodontic and restorative dental services. Dr. Thomas Everett, our specialist in orthodontics in Maple Grove, MN, discusses them in detail.

Our Orthodontic Services

Having straight teeth affects your children’s eating and speech habits. This can affect not only their dental health, but their general well-being and appearance as well. To keep their teeth aligned, we offer braces as part of their dental care plan. The metal brackets and wires use pressure to straighten the teeth. The length of treatment may vary depending on the degree of correction needed.

For your child going through puberty, we understand that their body image and general appearance are very important to them. With that in mind, we offer Invisalign in Maple Grove, MN, and many of our other locations. This makes use of plastic aligners instead of the usual metallic braces and wires. They can boost your child’s self-confidence while keeping their teeth properly aligned.

Our Restorative Services

At Metro Dentalcare, we believe that good oral health can maintain or even improve your child’s quality of life. If they have a damaged tooth, we offer dental fillings. These will be placed in the missing portion of their teeth to ensure stability. We can also provide a crown to cap over the damaged tooth, which can strengthen it further.

To prevent infection from compromising the integrity of their tooth, we also offer root canal services. If they have any permanently missing teeth, we may recommend placing bridges or dental implants in Maple Grove, MN, or the nearby area.

Choosing the Right Dental Care Services

We combine our knowledge, experience, and advanced technologies to provide your child with superior dental care services. We will perform a thorough oral examination first, so we can identify the condition of their dental health and assess its severity.

We will check if the damaged tooth can still be saved by a root canal. Otherwise, we may recommend placing a dental implant if permanent removal of the damaged tooth is required. Depending on the results, we will make a treatment plan that can best address their needs.

For more information on our restorative and orthodontic services, call us at (612) 638-1234. You can also complete our contact form to request an appointment.