Pro Talk About Acidity and Proper Oral Care by Metro Dentalcare


According to a study from the Minnesota Dental Association, tooth erosion in children has been on the rise. This is because their enamel is more prone to the erosive effects of acid like those in sour candies. Children between three and seven years old are more susceptible to erosion, especially if they consume candy and soft drinks.

Oral Care

How Can Acidity Affect Teeth?

Eating too much candy can wear the enamel of your teeth. When this happens, you teeth can become more sensitive to foods and drinks. Experts at pediatric dentistry in Minneapolis, MN, and the nearby areas, also see discoloration, cracks, dents, and decay as results of enamel erosion.

What Can You Do to Prevent Tooth Damage?

Parents can prevent early tooth decay in children by providing a proper diet. Instead of giving them sweets, you can replace them with sugar-free gum. If eating sour candies, don’t let children eat them for too long. After eating this type of sweets, your children should wait at least one hour before brushing their teeth. Brushing right away may do more harm than good, as it could worsen the effects of acid on teeth.

Parents should also schedule regular dental care in Minneapolis, MN, or at any of our local offices. Dr. Jennifer Nelson from the Metro Dentalcare office in Elk River recommends scheduling a visit once you see signs of oral problems. You should also have their teeth cleaned every six months. For parents with infants, we recommend you schedule a first visit during the period between their first tooth’s appearance and their first birthday.

Our dentists know how to communicate with children to make the session enjoyable. We can provide the following dental services:

  • Preventive cleaning – We will clean and polish the teeth to remove bacteria or plaque. This prevents tooth decay. We will also teach your child how to brush and floss properly.
  • Diagnosis of dental conditions – We will perform added exams to look for cavities and other oral problems.
  • Fluoride treatment – This strengthens the mineral component of your child’s teeth, making them more resistant against acid.
  • Sealants – We can apply a clear or white material on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent plaque buildup.
  • Cavity repair – We repair this permanent damage with amalgam fillings.

You can trust us for your children’s oral care needs, even cosmetic dentistry in Minneapolis, MN, or the nearby area. We help maintain healthy smiles that last for years. Call us at (612) 638-1234 to learn more about our dental services. You can also reach us when you fill out our contact form.