Pediatric Dentistry: 7 Ways We Improve Your Child’s Smile by admn


Some kids cannot eat, sleep, or go to school because their teeth hurt or because they have an infection. Dental care is important, especially for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend a child’s first dental visit at 12 months of age. Checkups and other services should take place every six months following their first visit.

Metro Dentalcare Pediatric Services

Metro Dentalcare is the leading and most trusted dental clinic in the region. We provide services both for adults and children, including oral exams, fluoride treatment, and oral surgery in St. Paul, MN. Here is the complete list of our pediatric dentistry services:

1. Oral Exam – Does your child often complain about toothache? Plaque, sticky films of bacteria, and tartar are often the cause of this. Dr. Agnes Hill from the Metro Dentalcare office in Blaine, MN, recommends bringing them in for regular oral exams. We will remove all unwanted mouth bacteria and provide your child with an overview of proper flossing and brushing.

2. X-Rays – Our experts will take x-rays of your child’s teeth to help locate disease and cavities that are often invisible to the naked eye.

3. Sealants – Both sealants and teeth whitening in Saint Paul, MN, can help give your kids a better smile. Sealants are more recommended for children, however, because these can prevent decay from developing early.

4. Fluoride Treatment – Your child should undergo this treatment once a year or as needed. Fluoride treatment helps make their teeth stronger and less susceptible to cavities.

5. Periodontal/Gum Disease Prevention – Gum disease can cause bad breath and other serious issues, such as pain and tooth loss. No matter how serious the gum disease is, it’s important to bring your child to Metro Dentalcare to prevent further problems.

6. Cavity Repair – We eliminate cavities by filling your child’s damaged teeth with white or composite fillings that match the color of their teeth.

7. Space Maintainers – Decay or injury can cause your child’s tooth to prematurely fall out of their mouth. Space maintainers help hold its place until the permanent tooth starts to grow in.

With over 40 offices around the area, Metro Dentalcare is your top choice for your family’s oral health care. We specialize in a range of high-quality dental services—from routine teeth cleaning and placement of dentures in Saint Paul, MN, to other complex procedures.

Don’t wait for your children to have problems with their teeth before bringing them to an expert. Call us today at (612) 638-1234 or fill out our form to schedule a FREE consultation.