Q and A: What You Need to Know About Going to the Dentist

One of the reasons children dislike going to the dentist is because they feel anxious about not knowing what will happen. At Metro Dentalcare, we understand that having a dental exam, or even just going to the clinic, can cause your child anxiety. Continue reading “Q and A: What You Need to Know About Going to the Dentist”

Pro Talk About Acidity and Proper Oral Care

According to a study from the Minnesota Dental Association, tooth erosion in children has been on the rise. This is because their enamel is more prone to the erosive effects of acid like those in sour candies. Children between three and seven years old are more susceptible to erosion, especially if they consume candy and soft drinks.

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4 Advantages of Invisalign® Over Traditional Braces

Misaligned teeth do not only look unpleasant; they can also make brushing more difficult. If your teeth aren’t cleaned properly, they may become the cause of gum disease and cavities. This risks gum and tooth damage, as well as tooth loss.

One way to correct improper teeth alignment is to wear traditional metal braces. However, they can be uncomfortable and painful to wear at times. Invisalign® clear braces are a great alternative, since they provide more comfort and reduce gum damage, not to mention offer better appearance than conventional braces. Metro Dentalcare, the leader in orthodontics in Maple Grove, MN, looks at its four amazing features:

1. Invisalign Looks Better – One reason Dr. Aliya Sullivan from the Metro Dentalcare office in Ramsey, MN, recommends Invisalign is its superior aesthetic benefits. Traditional braces can cause the mouth’s appearance to be unattractive due to the protruding shape of metal brackets. Unlike them, Invisalign braces are barely noticeable. Thanks to their clear appearance, they make the person wearing them look as though he’s not wearing braces at all.

2. Invisalign Offers Improved Comfort – Traditional braces need to stay in place for years until an expert removes them. On the contrary, our Invisalign in Maple Grove, MN, are removable. Food can get caught in your braces, that’s why if you wish to remove them to eat or drink, you may easily do so.

3. Invisalign Reduces Damage to Teeth and Gums – Since they have wires and protruding metal brackets, traditional braces can scratch your gums and lips. Invisalign clear braces do not have sharp edges, that’s why you can protect the insides of your mouth from punctures. Simply put, Invisalign braces are smooth, comfortable, and they reduce the damage normally caused by conventional metal braces.

4. Invisalign Provides Faster Results – Treatment with metal braces can take as long as five years. On the other hand, Invisalign can last for up to less than two years only, depending on your teeth requirements.

When you plan to get Invisalign, turn to Metro Dentalcare. We do not only provide the best dental implants in Maple Grove, MN; we also help create better smiles through our Invisalign solution.

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